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The World’s Scariest Cable Cars


Some people are absolutely petrified by the very mention of cable cars, and who can blame them? The concept of two points being connected by a thin wire, with a rather peculiar looking gondola hanging down precariously underneath is rather unsettling.

Especially when the wind picks up and the gondola spins and creaks, this can be the greatest laxative known to man. The most terrifying part of it all is where cable cars are normally located. They are used in situations when there is no other viable transportation means, across rushing rivers, connecting mountain tops, and climbing sheer rock faces. So which cable cars are the scariest in the world? And which ones would you definitely not get on?

Hua Shan Cableway

Hua Shan happens to be one of thebig five mountains of China, and it also has five distinct peaks. And two of the very highest are connected by cable car. Traveling aboard the gondola you will be 6,845 feet from the ground, and all you can see below are rugged rocks.

Grindelwald-Mannlichen Cableway

Almost a thousand feet higher than our previous cable ride, the Grindelwald-Mannlichen is located in the Swiss Alps. Although terrifyingly high, the views from the gondola are nothing short of spectacular. Depending when you make your trip, the vista can be luscious green or majestically snowy. The time of the ride is just on thirty minutes, but the rather small gondolas do not really give a sense of security as they can easily be buffeted around when the wind picks up.

Table Mountain Cableway

Our next destination is Cape Town in South Africa, and the fantastic Table Mountain Cableway. Often the cable car has to punch its way through the Table Cloth which is the cloud which regularly covers the flat peak of the mountain. One of the new upgrades of the cableway was to install a revolving floor! If you are of a nervous disposition, then this cable car ride is not for you. But if you don’t mind being spun round in a circle as you dangle from a mountain then the views are well worth the time and trouble. Passengers have a 360-degree view of the whole of Cape Town and the surrounding areas, including the Atlantic seaboard and Table Bay. 

Table Mountain Cableway

Sugarloaf Mountain Cableway

Not the highest, or scariest cableway in the world, but perhaps the most iconic. The landscape of Rio de Janeiro has to be one of the most famous and recognizable on the planet, especially Sugarloaf Mountain and the statue of Christ the Redeemer. The seven hundred and twenty-one-foot ascent from Morro da Urca to the summit unveils spectacular views of Copacabana Beach and everything else that Rio is famous for. It is like being on a film set as the vista unfolds before your very eyes.

Sugarloaf Mountain Cableway
Sugarloaf Mountain Cableway

Some of these brilliant cableways are far scarier than others, but on a clear day with no wind, then traveling by cable car is one of the most spectacular modes of transport that has ever been invented.