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The Largest Cruise Ships in the World


In April 2018, one of the largest ever cruise liners set to sea, The Symphony of the Seas was longer than a nuclear submarine, boasting eighteen decks and was basically a floating city. But the Symphony of the Seas is not alone by any means.

Her two sister ships the Allure of the Seas and the Harmony of the Seas both broke world records when they took to the waves, to be usurped by the next super-liner to come along. It seems like there is an endless race to build the biggest cruise liner in the world, and this race does not seem to be stopping.

Sister Ships

You may have noticed that the three ships that have been already mentioned have similar sounding names, this is because they are a family of cruise liners belonging to Royal Caribbean Group, and there are only minor differences between them. The company hit upon a successful formula and stuck to it, just getting slightly larger. The reason for these and other cruise ships size is not just the accommodation for passengers, it is to handle the amenities that each cruise liner is expected to have for the modern-day traveler. And here are some of the biggest afloat.

Symphony of the Seas

As already stated the Symphony of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world, it measures 1,188ft in length and is 215ft across the beam, and it weighs a massive 228gt. The eighteen decks can accommodate 6,680 passengers and it takes a crew of 2,200 to keep the vessel ship-shape and functioning. This ship boasts twenty two restaurants, twenty four swimming pools and a massive park that houses twenty thousand tropical plants. The ship is divided into themed areas, so passengers can explore something different every day. But already the reign of Symphony of the Seas looks limited as there is another ship of the Oasis-class on the drawing board.

Harmony of the Seas

The Harmony of the Seas is based on the same layout as its grander sister but is no less impressive. The ship has a capacity for 6,687 passengers and 2,193 crew, is the same length and weight as Symphony of the Seas but it weighs slightly less in terms of gross tonnage. The ship has a standout feature which is quite unique called the Abyss Slide, which can descend ten decks at nine miles per hour.

Harmony of the Seas
Harmony of the Seas

MSC Meraviglia

Missing two more ships from the top five list as they are part of the Royal Caribbean fleet, our next ship is the MSC Meraviglia. At 1,036ft long and weighing 171gt it is only slightly smaller than the larger cruise liners ahead of it. This vessel boasts fantastic amenities for passengers that head to America, including a unique agreement with the Cirque du Soleil, who perform twelve times a week in the massive main theater. The Meraviglia mainly cruises around the Mediterranean and its restaurants focus on Mediterranean style cuisine. It also features a huge indoor promenade full of shops, eateries, and bars that are open 24 hours a day. These incredible giants of the seas are the titans of cruise liner world and they are only going to get bigger.