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The Grandest Railway Stations in the World


There is something comforting about starting a long journey from a railway terminal. How many famous journeys have been undertaken by rail, and the development of railway terminals has become grander and more affluent. Some of the great railway stations around the world are almost like cathedrals and are so grand they are awesome.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Teminus

One of the most instantly recognizable building in the world is a railway station. The historic train station was built as a way to symbolize the prestige of the Indian city of Bombay. The terminus was built to stamp Britain’s superiority and is a monument to Queen Victoria. In fact, its original name was Victoria Terminus. The terminus is built in the Gothic Revivalstyle and took a decade to construct. The architect Frederick Stevens was keen on providing a mix of both east and west, and the whole structure has a blueprint of an Indian palace. Today three million commuters pass through this terminus in Mumbai, and the original facade has remained as impressive as ever.

Grand Central

Grand Central Station in New York is one of the most famous railway stations in the world. It has featured in so many Hollywood movies over the decades that even though you may never have been, you instantly recognize this famous New York landmark. Work start on Grand Central in 1913, but the station was saved from oblivion by the support of Jacqueline Onassis and massive public support. Many plans to redevelop Grand Central were put forward and then shelved until 1998 when the old railway station was finally restored to its former grandeur.

St Pancreas

London has numerous grand railway stations that were mostly built in the opulence of Victorian times. St Pancreas has seen many changes over the years, from being a simple domestic terminal to a thriving modern international one. In 1868, this impressive station took almost two decades to construct, and after its final construction it became the largest enclosed space in the world. The famous red brick facade is designed with Gothic elements that make it instantly recognizable. Today it is the London terminus for the Eurostar, and passengers can take trains to France, Belgium, and Holland.

Station Antwerpen Centraal

Our final station takes us to Belgium, and the mind numbingly beautiful Station Antwerpen Centraal. The architecture is simply astonishing for a mere railway terminal. It was commissioned by King Leopold II just as the 20th Century began, and amazingly work was completed just five years later. To enter the station the first thing that hits you is how impressive the neo-Baroque features are. And if you look hard enough then you can easily see that there are over twenty different marbles and stones that combine to make this an architectural triumph. The ceiling has a high vaulted arch made out of glass that fills the terminus with natural light. To complete the overall effect is a large antique clock that passengers have been telling the time from for decades. Each of our featured stations are so different in construction and design and that is why they are the grandest stations in the world.  

Station Antwerpen Centraal
Station Antwerpen Centraal