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The Five Most Luxurious Jets in the World


Perhaps the biggest signal to mere mortals that you are among the wealthiest persons in the world is to have your own private jet. Only the most elite of society can afford such a luxury, such as presidents, pop stars, and sports icons. For the rest of humanity, we can only dream of such opulence and look at glossy magazines at these beautiful aircraft dreaming of actually owning one. But what are the most luxurious private jets really like? And what are they like compared to flying economy?

Cessna Citation Longitude

This streamline jet will cost you a minimum of $25 million and can transport a maximum of twelve people in utter luxury. Many of the accessories offered inside the cabin you would find in a well-appointed modern kitchen, such as microwave ovens and espresso machines. The seating resembles a comfortable armchair, and there are plenty of windows to let the natural light flood in. The bathroom is something that would grace a five-star hotel and is fully automated.


One of the world’s leading private jet makers is Airbus. And the company make a range of private jets that definitely fit into the executive division. The cheapest is $70 million and this can rise depending on the model and the size to $110 million. These prices do not include the furnishing of the cabin which can easily reach another $50 million. The most popular aircraft of the range is the ACJ319 and has the widest cabin of any private jet.

Gulfstream G650

At a more modest $65 million you can own a Gulfstream G650, and is highly popular with the rich and famous due to its lengthy and wide cabin. The lounge chairs recline fully so if you want to sleep, they become almost beds. With every option included you will have to shell out in excess of $350 million to own one of these aircraft.  

Embraer Lineage 1000E

Among the middle range of private jets comes the Embraer Lineage 1000E, and at $50 million it is an absolute bargain! This jet comes with the option of a master bedroom which of course is en-suite. There is also another bathroom in the main cabin that has the space for a walk-in shower. In all there is in excess of ten thousand cubic feet of space on this luxurious plane.

Boeing 747-8 VIP

Boeing 747-8 VIP
Boeing 747-8 VIP

The largest aircraft manufacturer in the world produces probably the most opulent private jet in the skies today. The jet is absolutely stunning both inside and out. And this aircraft is the pinnacle of all private jets. It comes complete with an office, lounge, stateroom, and even its own dining room. This jet is the second largest airliner that has ever been built and will cost a cool $365 million. But if you own your own corporate company or are president of a country, how can you be seen without one of these magnificent aircraft? For most of us, owning such a jet such as this is a pipe dream, but isn’t flying also?