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Plane Secrets: What Better Not to Do in A Window Seat


Plane Secrets What Better Not to Do in A Window Seat

The window seat is one of the most popular places on a plane because you have a little more space there, it is comfortable to sleep, and you can enjoy the view. However, one member of a flight crew revealed what are the things that you might avoid doing if you sit in a window seat during a flight. The reason for this is quite nasty. What else dirty secrets about planes are hidden and what rules you should always have in mind for safety travelling?

Nasty Windows

Even if you really want to, it is better not to touch a window and surrounded area with your hands or put your head on the glass. The flight attendant warns that it is the window that is one of the dirtiest places on the entire plane. People often cough and sneeze at it, as well as touch it with their dirty fingers and hair.

Many people with disinfectant wipes are used to clean everything around their seat as soon as they sit down, and this is a very good habit that might be a must for everyone. If there was a light that would show all the germs in the plane, everyone would be schooled how dirty all the surfaces are. Remember the golden personal rule that you might follow if you do not want to get sick of and infected: never touch your mouth or face with your hands before you clean them. The flight attendant advises that if you want to sleep on the plane, it is recommended to disinfect the areas where you are going to put your head including the window and the cabin wall around the window. Also, do not forget to wash and disinfect your hands regularly.

Other Disgusting Stories

It is worth to know which other areas of a plane are the dirtiest and either do not touch them or clean your hands when touching these places. Not only the windows be clogged with microbes from other travelers. Folding tables are usually referred to as places that are among the dirtiest, but these tables are not always properly cleaned before the flight.

Other Disgusting Stories
Other Disgusting Stories

At the tables, people not only eat, but also do everything that comes to their heads and disgust other passengers. There have been many cases when mothers change diapers for babies on this folding table. Or there are passengers who put their bare feet on a folding table. One former flight attendant warned that if you were flying on a short flight, be sure to have antibacterial wipes or spray. There is a reason for this: if the periods between flights are short, the crew is not able to properly clean and disinfect everything before new passengers come in the cabin. Also remember not to put anything in the back pockets of the chairs. One flight attendant says this place, where flight menus, passenger books and tablets are stacked, is also one of the nastiest on the plane.