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Great Grand Touring Cars


Since the 1920s one of the greatest ways of touring a foreign country has been by the great GT (Grand Tourer) automobiles. With the roof down, driving along the classic coastal roads of America or the winding routes of Europe has been the dream of many people. Classic touring cars have featured in so many movies portraying freedom and glamour that they have become iconic statements of a life free from worries and of ultimate luxury. The GT has gathered fame as time has progressed, they are now the epitome of a true driver’s car and have the power and luxury to grace any continental road. With engines that can deliver breathtaking speed and comfort that is unsurpassed. These icons of motor vehicles are still as popular today than they have always been. So, let’s take the roof down and take to the road with some of the best GTs around today.

Ford Mustang GT

Known primarily as an American Muscle Car, the Ford Mustang seems to have been around since the dawn of time. But the GT was actually first manufactured with the purpose of tackling the elongated swathes of America’s wide-open highways. Today’s Mustang has veered away from the reputation as a cumbersome petrol guzzling ogre. Its focus has changed to one of drivability and comfort for the driver. Still boasting a four-cylinder 2.3 engine it is no slouch either as the power unit can deliver up to 310 horsepower.

Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin cars have always been the epitome of what a true grand tourer should be. Elegant and stately, they exhume class and dignity. Any car that is good enough for James Bond to drive has to be the real deal. Don’t let the sleek looks and elegant poise fool you, the DB9 comes equipped with a monster V12 engine that can produce 510 exhilarating horsepower. But tucked inside the sleek cockpit the driver is almost cocooned against any external noise, that is a part of the rasping growl of the exhaust.

Maserati Grandturismo

     Maserati Grandturismo
Maserati Grandturismo

Not always known for their reliability, Maserati cars have always carried the great ability to turn heads with their breathtaking looks. The quintessential design of the Grandturismo is certainly paying tribute to its classic lineage that stretches back over the decades. Pulling up outside the casino in Monte Carlo in this motor will still make a stir. Both the exterior and interior pay homage to the best of Italian design, and the V8 engine delivers enough power to effortlessly cruise along the autostrade and autobahns of Europe.

Rolls Royce Wraith

The Rolls Royce is synonymous with luxury the world over. But their past reputation of being simply a status symbol has somewhat changed over the recent couple of decades. However, the aristocratic history of past Rolls Royce cars is still embodied in The Wraith, but this is a true driver’s car. It is true that the chassis is still on the grand scale, but the engine and suspension make this car handle like a proper grand tourer. And when it comes to unleashing the beast of the twin-turbo V12 engine, outstanding performance comes when putting the foot down. These 2019 cars are true GTs by any stretch of the imagination, and they are keeping the legend going of the classic grand tourer.