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Cruise Travel: Pros and Cons


Cruise Travel: Pros and Cons

You will never be able to see a more beautiful sunset than in the middle of a sea where is nothing more just the sky, sun, sea, and heartbeat. This moment might be the best motivation to take a cruise. Also, you have a lot of fun activities, no rush, and an all-inclusive service 24/7. However, there are many bad things about cruises such as seasickness while entering an open sea. Honestly, there are an awful side about cruising, as well as, many great things you cannot find while taking any other way of traveling.

Positive Side

First, you do not have to take care of any details such as must-see places, accommodation, car rent, public transportation, or time planning. All you must do is to book your cruise, choose a room, and enjoy your holiday. Most cruise lines allow you to select dining options, shore excursions, and spa treatments before the cruise is started. Any unpleasant situations and interruptions will be solved by the crew, so you only decide what to choose before the beginning.

There is no need to change hotels or other places of accommodation, so there is no necessity to pack and unpack your luggage a million times. Usually, cruise ships spend a day in each port, so if you are taking a trip for 7 days, so you can explore 7 different cities. The best thing is that you do not waste time commuting from one place to another because ships are sailing at night while you can have a party or sleep. Also, you can visit all continents with a cruise ship and travelers can enjoy many of the great rivers of the world in addition to the ocean ports.

Cruise Travel
Cruise Travel

It is possible to get new friends and meet many interesting people from different job areas onboard. Sometimes, we all are living in a small circle of people we know, so cruises are the perfect option to escape that circle. However, if you are not in the mood to talk with anyone, you can just enjoy slow dinner with a view to open the horizon and try delicious food prepared by the chefs. If talking about the food, the cruises are providing an exceptional possibility to try a lot of local food while visiting ports.

Ugly Side

As any other thing of our lives, the cruises also have a lot of negative sides. The first and most important point that you must evaluate before booking your cruise is the seasickness. Even if you have never been vomiting while taking a flight or being on a boat, this time can be different because an open sea is quite a different experience. Another point that might be considered is the weather. There is no denying that the cruising industry contributes to water, air, and marine pollution, so rain or tropical storms can lock you inside the ship for the whole week.

Claustrophobia is a serious issue also. Many people have never found out that they are claustrophobic until they must spend a week in a very small room on a cruise. The number of people also might be taken in mind. Loud music, never-ending party and a lot of drunk people are also an inseparable part of cruises.