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Crazy ways to travel


There are usual ways to travel by car, by plane, bus or other vehicle, but there are also crazy methods and equally mad people who invent them and use them. Let’s investigate couple of these and why they are called that.

The shortest railway in the world is built for the funicular. It is called Angels Flight and located in Los Angeles downtown. It lasts for 315 feet, that is around 96 meters.  It is said that this railway has carried more passengers per mile more than any other railway in the world. The shortest one, but the most traveled.  Funicular was built in 1901, dismantled in 1969 to create more space for commercial buildings and places, but reopened in 1996. Terrible accident happened and passenger was killed on the ride in 2001, but still was opened until 2013. Now it is closed because of the lawsuits and no intentions of removing design flaws.  People of Los Angeles believe that one day this tiny railway is going to work again and give joy for many more passengers.

Free rides

Amtrak is National Road Passenger Corporation in United States and nine Canadian cities. They started offering free rides for lucky passengers who are on long distance journeys. There was a competition created; to win you need to be a writer or a scribe. It received more that 16 thousand applications, 115 became semifinalists. 24 were winners and received free rides plus private sleeping roomettes, with a desk and a window, changing scenery and running views are perfect for inspiration and creativity.

The companies that are hoping to corner the market on space tourism

Space tourism is already a thing and one man called Dennis Tito did it. In 2001 he traveled to visit International Space station. Of course, he was followed by professional crew of astronauts, rocket was full, and he was the only one who can be called tourist; and he paid 20 million for that.

It is expected that this year couple private companies in the United States are going to start taking people into space and make this into a certified travel form not only for astronauts. This might be a birth of the new industry. Virgin Galactic is one of those companies. Virgin has conducted the first trip to near-space in December 2018. Company plans this year to have more flights and, with time, take passengers on board. It will fly up 51 mile – that is more than 82-kilometer altitude. The first passenger in the line is the CEO of Virgin, Richard Branson.

There is a project with a launch year of 2023 which is called The Mars One Project. Everyone who wants to travel to Mars can do it for free, but there is one catch – you will not be able to come back to Earth. Those you would like to participate need to have eight years of training and preparation because Mars is going to be their new permanent home.